For such a dumb pun, I enjoyed this waaay too much.




Hey Ridge

Remember this?

This is why talking to my friends while looking through my WIP folder is a terrible idea




I’m not sure how to feel about this… Especially after having just finished watching VideoGamerTV’s Dark Souls Pants Man Stream…

A very quick and rough sketch I did pertaining to Eps’ SOI theory post.

I don’t even know what to say about this one, it just sort of happened…

So yesterday in chat there was some discussion about capes… this then lead to someone to hypothesise that Sej might use her Thaumic majiks to cause her cloak to billow manacingly, much like a frill-necked lizard might… so this is now a thing. You have my less than sincere apologies.


Yeah! 1 million subscribers on Youtube! I hope Sips celebrates by chugging a tall glass of chocolate milk—I know that’s what I’m doing!

"Sipstator" Illustration of Sips’ Tropico 4 Character from the Evening With Sips. The Ugly, Flatulent, Sailor, Ex-Pop Star Dictator with a voice like an angel and a face like a dropped pie. Also… the pipe is now a bubble pipe because reasons.


Grats creeps!

Creeper Wins!

Some Screenshots from the Cow Games!

That was a blast. Thanks to Echeb and CC for putting on such an amazing event and also to Ridge and the other contestants for an amazing game.

May the milk be forever flavoured.